A New Console For A New Generation


oton2   The OTON X development unit was built by gamers for gamers. It offers the perfect balance of benefits and performance. OTON X’s self-generating technology will create the most stunning and challenging games available with advanced AI that increases game challenge based on a gamer’s skill set. This OTON developer unit isn’t about raw power; rather, it’s centered on innovation and efficiency.

“Our goal was to create the ultimate game console and the OTON X development unit will give us that opportunity to do something amazing that will inspire creativity.”

—Derrick Samuels, OTON Creator and CEO of EnGeniux

Not only is OTON a game development system, but it’s also a personal PC powered by a custom version of Linux. Enjoy games from indie developers, Android games, Linux games, and EnGeniux own games first-party games for an array of game content to feed your hunger for new and exciting games.

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