EnGeniux Offers Free Controllers For Life!

EnGeniux offers free controllers for life with new Artificially Intelligent video game console
Anniston, Alabama – March 03, 2016 – Video game console developer EnGeniux today announced that its upcoming console OTON will include free game controllers for the life of the OTON X product. Customers and developers who receive a preordered OTON are entitled to one free OTON controller per year. OTON owners will receive one controller each year until EnGeniux releases a successor game console, such as OTON 2.
The OTON console is unique in that it does not rely on traditional manual-based game development. Using a series of proprietary algorithms, the console is able to create entirely new game levels, without the need for human developers, artists, or programmers. The technology, developed by EnGeniux, allows the OTON to be the first autonomous development game console on market.
“OTON is something truly new and unique in the world of game development,” commented EnGeniux founder and OTON inventor Derrick Samuels. “The artificial intelligence lets the console create its own games, and those games are free. OTON is a new kind of game system that doesn’t depend on the traditional console business model, and offering a free controller every year lets us really hammer that home.”
The preorder offer can potentially save gamers hundreds of dollars over the life of the console, as the OTON controllers are expected to retail for $39.99 each.
The EnGeniux algorithms allow for OTON to launch with an enormous library of games. EnGeniux estimates over a million game levels, characters, and physics configurations will be available to players during the life cycle of the unit. OTON will also support games developed for it using traditional methods, and is able to play Android games, Linux games, and games by some independent developers.
The OTON game console is set to ship in the second quarter of 2016, and preorders are open now at
About EnGeniux
EnGeniux was founded by OTON creator and inventor Derrick Samuels and has more than ten years of game and manufacturing experience. In 2004, EnGeniux shipped its first console, using Linux as a working OS. The product line quickly evolved, innovating features such as cloud storage and voice recognition software long before other companies.
EnGeniux’s 2016 goal is to push the limits of autonomous self-creation, robotics, and autonomous innovative products to shape and define new exciting possibilities. We see an opportunity to create a new market that will bring added value to individual consumers and businesses with the OTON brand, products, and services. OTON’s next-generation technologies offer exciting impressive possibilities to bring creative, timesaving, and cost-effective solutions to a new level.
Derrick Samuels
Contact us to see if you qualify for an OTON X media unit.

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