EnGeniux OTON X Autonomous Game Console

EnGeniux OTON X Autonomous Game Console Arrives Early 2016
Imagine, Create and Play with OTON Game Console


Anniston, AL – January, 25 2016 – Today, EnGeniux announced that its OTON X autonomous development game console is set to ship to preorder customers and developers during early first quarter 2016. Potential new customers can place preorders at

The OTON X console will be the first autonomous game console ever produced for the game console market. The console has attributes similar to those of other forthcoming autonomous devices such as cars and home automation systems; the only difference is that OTON self-creates games, without human input. The system creates games using EnGeniux custom algorithm.

EnGeniux announced the system at the end of December 2013 and developed the autonomous algorithm over the next couple of years. Console manufacturers usually take many years to code a new game console at a cost of billions of dollars, but EnGeniux’s revolutionary system took a fraction of the time due to how the OTON algorithm was initially designed during the early stages of development and will be the first system to create games by means of artificial intelligence. “We’re excited to let gamers, developers and the media experience OTON this year,” says OTON X creator and CEO of EnGeniux Derrick Samuels. “It’s been a struggle and challenge to get this far with only my own resources, determination and skill, but I think we have achieved the impossible . . . Welcome to the future of gaming.”

The current OTON developer unit will produce only 2-D game levels using an open-source game engine at this stage, but it will evolve to incorporate more game options, game themes and 3-D graphics as the EnGeniux works to improve the system over the next year. The developer unit will have a few basic features and functions and will gradually be updated via the EnGeniux cloud. The OTON X development unit will slowly evolve into the final retail version over the next few years.

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