A New Console For A New Generation


EnGeniux to Unveil the First Autonomous Game Console FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anniston, AL – August 15, 2016 – Startup technology gaming company EnGeniux announced that it will push forward with the OTON X Kickstarter campaign on August 22, 2016. With … Continue reading

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EnGeniux offers free controllers for life with new Artificially Intelligent video game console Anniston, Alabama – March 03, 2016 – Video game console developer EnGeniux today announced that its upcoming console OTON will include free game controllers … Continue reading

EnGeniux OTON X Autonomous Game Console Arrives Early 2016 Imagine, Create and Play with OTON Game Console FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Anniston, AL – January, 25 2016 – Today, EnGeniux announced that its OTON X autonomous development game console is set … Continue reading

EnGeniux to Offer New Affordable Ding Audio Headphones We don’t just love music, we live music! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Anniston, AL – September 02, 2015 – The EnGeniux Corporation announce the introduction of its new headphones called Ding Audio. The … Continue reading

Can a game console intelligently create its own games? The developer of OTON X thinks so…. Pretty soon scientists will make website that autonomously publish its own gaming stories seen from a stoned perspective and I’ll be out of a … Continue reading

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