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About Us


Our team has more than ten years of game and manufacturing experience. Between 2008 and 2010, we successfully produced and shipped a limited quantity of our first-run console system. Our company leadership has set trends and successfully moved products to market. Creator and inventor Derrick Samuels has worked with and developed several new trends in tech and practical products. His initial EVO Smart console in 2004 was the first to combine biometrics, a PC, a game console, a DVR, and a media device into one unit. That same unit was also the first system to provide content that was digitally distributed, powered by the Akimbo platform.


In 2008, Samuels’ first EVO shipped for a startup game console company with Linux as a working OS. In 2009, Samuels introduced cloud storage to his console, before other console systems used cloud storage. During the 2007 CES show, he demonstrated voice recognition software to control the game console interface. His 2008 units are still in use, and his company continues to provide customer support to keep these units working. In 2010, his company was the first in the market to test Android as a potential gaming platform. EnGeniux’s 2016 goal is to push the limits of autonomous self-creation, robotics, and autonomous innovative products to shape and define exciting possibilities. We see an opportunity to create a new market that will bring added value to individual consumers and businesses with the OTON brand, products, and services. OTON’s next-generation technologies offer exciting impressive possibilities to bring creative, timesaving, and cost-effective solutions to a new level. Contact us to join the movement for a new tomorrow.

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